The Amy’s Club

is born as a tribute to the Soul’s last great diva, Amy Winehouse.

Based on some of their most famous concerts, such as Sheperd’s Bus Empire or Porchester Hall (both in London in 2007), this new tribute band emerges with the intention of bringing to the present the unique live performances of the British singer-songwriter, recreating in a faithful and sincere way, the original show, melodies and arrangements already legendary.

With a very careful staging, the band reviews all the songs of the acclaimed album that catapulted her to fame, “Back to Black”, their first work “Frank”, in addition to other versions from the live shows, in which we can hear the sound that so much the defined her.

The line-up faithfully reproduces the format of the original band: a rhythm section consisting of piano, guitar, bass and drums to which are added a powerful section of winds, the magnificent voices of the choirs, and of course, the voice of Beatriz Sánchez, who will bring Amy to life on stage.