Beatriz Sanchez gives life to Amy. From a very young age she demonstrated her concerns for the artistic world. Having been part of different soul and jazz bands, such as “Born Music”, “Jass Clazz” or “Mia Soul”, it is in 2018 when he decides to play one of his favorite artists, and be able to bring to the stage those songs with which she had always felt a connection. And so, “The Amy’s Club” emerged.


Adrián Garzía has collaborated throughout his career with national artists such as Beatriz Luengo or El Langui. He is currently part of Blas Cantó’s national tour, and is a member of “All4Gospel Choir”, as well as lead soloist in the band “Soultry”.


Nacho Casares.

For years he combines fashion with music.

As a singer he has been part of “All4Gospel” and other soul and jazz bands.


Daniel Attadia, guitar player from Madrid, is currently a component of several groups of the music scene of the capital such as “Sirope Tortuga”, or “Dácil Santana”, in addition to collaborating with artists such as Titxu Vélez, Julia Medina and Ignacio Serrano.


Leo Serrano, Madrid-born bass player with more than 20 years of experience on the stage. He is a member of “Captain Street Big Band” and a founding member of the group “Black Marquet”, as well as recently collaborating with the group “La Ganga Cale”.


Tony Blasco, Aragonese drummer with extensive training in both classical percussion and modern drums. During his career he has played in different projects with songs of his own, and also groups of versions, covering a lot of styles, such as rock, pop, funky, blues or swing.


Miguel Torralba, a graduate of Composition from RCSMM, has worked as a studio pianist, piano-bar, live shows, and has composed music for short films, video art and contemporary music. He is currently a pianist on the show “The Béy-vu Experience”.


Iñigo Ayerdi, an Irun born trumpeter, with an extensive carrer on stage, in different big bands. He is currently a member of the band from Madrid “Lalibela Beat Band” and “Freemotion Funk Band”.


Ignacio Sánchez participates in numerous projects, such as “Crazy Cabin Big Band”, “5 Cats Swinging” or “Papawanda”, in which he is also keyboard player, backing vocals and composer. He has been part of bands of international size such as “The Heptones” or “The Silvertones” and national ones such as “Rodrigo Mercado”. In addition, he has participated three times in the International Jazz Festival of Madrid.



Javier Campos, a flute and saxophone player, graduated in Saxophone from ESMUC and with a Master’s degree in Interpretation from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. He is currently part of the “Crazy Cabin Big Band” and collaborates in the “Bob Sands Big Band”.